Monday, March 19, 2018

Methods To Repair The Blue Screen Error On Windows

It is not unusual to get Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Windows error, which can be potentially caused due to a number of reasons. A proper diagnosis would be in order to be able to fix this issue but first users should check for any improperly connected cables or wires in the system. Alternatively, a software which might not have been compatible with the system hardware can also lead to BSoD Windows error. The first step should be to identify the exact kind of error causing this issue. This is usually difficult because the system keeps restarting automatically when such an error occurs. Here are some of the steps outlined by Microsoft customer support to deal effectively with the issue and if it doesn’t work, users can simply seek technical assistance at Windows Customer Service Number for UK.

First, disable Automatically Restart option:

  1. Right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced
  2. Go to Settings and Recovery>Settings
  3. Next, go to System Failure and uncheck Automatically Restart option, then click OK.

If this doesn’t work, users can try booting into safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly when Windows is restarting and choosing Safe Mode from the Boot Menu and Press enter. This safe mode would allow trying various fixes for the Blue Screen of Death error.

Next step would be to take a proper look at the error report and note down exactly what kind of issue you might be facing with Windows. Windows customer support provides some easy fixes for the problem but not all users might be conversant with these methods and in that case, the last resort would be to get in touch with the trained technical staff of the Microsoft at Windows Phone Number for a robust solution. They have the right kind of tools, resources, and experience to effectively deal with the error, which is all the more reason why users can rely on them for instant help.

Here are some of the common fixes for BSoD Windows Error:

  1. System Restore: In case of any critical issues, System Restore is a kind of recovery option which restores the system to an earlier date along with Windows settings and modes, which can help fix blue screen error in a number of cases.

  1. Install Windows Updates: Occasionally, users might miss out on any critical Windows updates, leading to a critical system error like Blue Screen of Death. Completely blocking all Windows Updates would not be wise. Instead, critical updates should be looked for.

  1. Install Latest System Drivers: The speed at which software and hardware get upgraded these days, it is no wonder that the system malfunctioned simply because the system drivers were not up to date. If a user is not aware of how to upgrade device drivers, it would be best to look for technical assistance at Windows Support Number.

  1. Check for Hard Disk Errors: There is an inbuilt utility tool in Windows to look for Hard Disk errors which can be accessed here. The user may look for both:
    1. Hard Disk Issues
    2. Memory Issues

  1. Startup Repair: This is one of the most effective fixes for critical errors like Blue Screen of Death. Startup repair can be accessed from the Advanced Boot Options when restarting the system.

  1. Clean Up Hard Disk Space: This is one of the most common fixes for any critical system errors. If there is less than 15% of hard disk drive space available in the system, it can cause this error.

If nothing works, it would be recommended to re-install Windows which would surely fix any such issues. However, it would be important to backup all user data before the hard drive is formatted. It goes without saying that resolving such technical errors without proper know-how can complicate the matters further instead of helping. This is why for laymen it is advisable to look for professional help with system recovery and approach technical experts at Windows Customer Support Number who would be able to identify and resolve the issue in no time.

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